Mount the critter now in Alaska!

Nice Rack.

Your Bragging Rights Will Live On When Taxidermy Services Mount Your Big Catch or Kill

So what types of critters can Northwest taxidermy services mount?

  • Deer (head only or whole body preservation)
  • Elk (always a majestic trophy)
  • Bear (make it look menacing, even if it was asleep when you shot it)
  • Fish (perfect art for the den)
  • Water fowl (great for adorning home or office)
  • Moose (big and sure to impress)

Turn your kill or catch into a keepsake with taxidermist services in Alaska.

Get deer mounts to dress up your Alaska cabin. Hunters in Alaska love their taxidermists! Show your patriotism by displaying elk mounts. Moose taxidermy in Alaska is a thing of beauty.

Expert fish mounting and animal taxidermy services create lasting life-like trophies in AK.

Even if you hunt specifically for meat, you're sure to get that catch or kill that's worth being remembered. Taxidermist services in Alaska have the skill to create a lasting, life-like trophy out of your majestic elk, elegant whitetail deer or impressively large large-mouth bass. Keep those bragging rights alive indefinitely when you immortalize the critter with expert animal mount taxidermy in AK. It's like art, for people who aren't pansies.

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